About SarahNdipity Shop

SarahNdipity Shop is an online store and local shop in NWA owned by sisters, Sarah and Camilla, who share a love for puns, "happies", friends, humor, attitude and bourbon + diet coke.

At Sarahndipity Shop you will find a fun, whimsical array of unique products, some classy and some sassy, curated and inspired by their friends and family.  To give a "happy" is a long-time tradition for both Sarah and Camilla. A "happy" is an unexpected gift that doesn't cost too much but means the world.  From tabletop to funny socks, Sarahndipity Shop strives to carry the perfect gifts to make you HAPPY NOW! (...and bring out the giggles while you shop)

 xoxo-Sarah and Camilla